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This creature is a boss in the Mammals class, Felines subclass.
10.1 (July 17, 2013)
See also: Creatures
Zomba Zomba
300 Hit points
300 Experience points per kill
Summon/Convince: /
Abilities: Melee (0-100?, causes minor Bleeding)
Elements: Physical
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Walks around: FireEnergyPoison
Est. Max. Damage: 100? hp per turn
Immune To:
Strong To: Holy (-20%?), Earth (-20%?)
Neutral To: Physical?, Fire?, Energy?, Drown?, Life Drain?
Weak To: Death (+8%?), Ice (+15%?)
Sounds: "Groarrr!".
Behavior: Behaves like a strong Lion.
Field Notes: They are similar to Lions but stronger.When appears;Zomba, the king of lions is roaming the Darashia desert!
Location: West of Darashia (during raids).
Strategy: Not a very challenging creature but they attack in groups with a lot of Lions.
0-29+ gp, 0-1+ Platinum Coin, 0-2 Ham?, 0-4 Meat, Protection Amulet, 0-2? Lion's Mane, Guardian Shield(rare), Life Ring(rare), Silver Raid Token(rare). (Loot Statistics)

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