Player: hi
Zebron: Greetings, high roller. So you care for a game, Player?
Player: job
Zebron: Oh, I am just sitting around here and gamble now and then.
Player: name
Zebron: I am known as Zebron.
Player: time
Zebron: It is exactly 11:38 am.
Player: king
Zebron: Ah, our beloved king! Bless him for the gambling licence of Venore.
Player: Tibia
Zebron: What would I need more than that what I can get right here?
Player: army
Zebron: Hehe, they spent a good part of their salary here in the tavern.
Player: tavern
Zebron: It's a fine place to be around, isn't it?
Player: game or gamble or dice
Zebron: So you care for a civilized game of dice?
Player: swamp or amazons
Zebron: Bah, always the same chitchat. Swampelves this and amazons that ... blah blah.
Player: Excalibug
Zebron: I would not bet that anyone will ever find it.
Player: Carlin
Zebron: Carlin, the beerless ... what a shame.
Player: Thais
Zebron: Thais is a bit too conservative for me.
Player: Venore
Zebron: Aaaah, Venore, Venore, what a wonderful town. Especially for someone with love for gambling like me.
Player: Hugo
Zebron: I had a cousin named hugo, why do you ask?
Player: licence
Zebron: I don't care much for that law stuff, but as far as I know those Venore merchants got a royal gambling licence for the city.
Player: bye
Zebron: Hey, you can't leave. Luck is smiling on you. I can feel it!

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