The Zao Terramite Caves, mainly inhabitated by Terramites are located on the most south point of the Zao Steppe here. This place is a good place to hunt for lower mid-levels. The cave system consists of one level with narrow (1 square wide) passages and on a lower level 4 small caves with 2-4 Terramites. Since the Terramites can not push objects, one can use Parcels or God Flowers to protect a low-level char from being attacked by two Terramites at the same time. This considerably reduces the risk of hunting there.

Terramites can be compared to Tarantulas (strength, which level to hunt) and can also be compared to Cyclopses.

Another cave is found here.


Floor 0 - the entrance

Zao Terramite Caves 0

Floor -1

Zao Terramite Caves -1

Floor -2

Zao Terramite Caves -2

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