The Zao Palace is located below the Dragonblaze Peaks in Zao, past the Zao Palace Antechambers. In order to access the hunting areas of this place you need to have finished a certain quest and helped Cael the sage sufficiently in his quest (for knowledge).

NPC Ztiss resides here, but he can only be encountered during a quest.

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Mission 8 of The New Frontier Quest takes place here. Additionally, there's a Tome of Knowledge (needed for the Tomes of Knowledge Quest) located here.
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Zao Palace Creatures
Lizard LegionnaireLizard Legionnaire11001400
Lizard Dragon PriestLizard Dragon Priest13201450
Lizard High GuardLizard High Guard14501800
Lizard ZaogunLizard Zaogun17002955
Draken WarmasterDraken Warmaster24004150
Draken SpellweaverDraken Spellweaver31005000
Ghastly DragonGhastly Dragon46007800


Zao Palace NPCs
ZtissZtissRepresentativeZao Palace


To reach the Zao Palace, walk through the Zao Palace Antechambers and enter a sealed door here.


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