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None Zao
Ruled by: Arthei (Vengoth Castle),
Ztiss (Dragonblaze Peaks),
Curos (Zao Steppe),
Lazaran (Southern mountain),
Ongulf (Farmine),
Zlak (leader of the rebellion),
Awareness of the Emperor (Razachai).
Population:  ?
Organizations: ?
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Zao Map 0
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Zao is a recently human-discovered continent north of Edron and south-east of Yalahar. It is a multispecies continent, however, the continent is massive, so these cultures rarely appear together except during their many conflicts.

The continent is split into six main areas: the Farmine mountain range, the Zao Steppe, the Dragonblaze Peaks, the Muggy Plains, Northern Zao (beyond the Great Gate), and the great city of Razachai. For humans, the most attractive location is the hopeful dwarven city of Farmine, which is in continual development but they have difficulty convincing others of Farmine's potential, and thus cannot acquire external assistance and funding. On the top of the mountains there lives a primitive human tribe. The tribe are by nature shy and not hostile, but are threatened by the Orcs trying to claim the land. The orcs are unyielding brutes that will kill anything that may step in their way of dominating the land. Their leader, Curos, occasionally organizes Zzaion raids to weaken the lizard threat in the south-east of the plains. By far however, the biggest threat of all the land are the lizards and draken, who together have founded the great city Razachai, and by sheer numbers they can take down even the strongest foes. On top of all this, the autocratic emperor's poor oversight meant for a plague to be spread out to much of Zao. The plague has reached epidemic level now and spreads through the water springs; drinking the water has lead to many sicknesses and some deaths. Atop the appropriately-named Dragonblaze Peaks live dragons. Although dragons are expected to have lived at Zao for nearly as long as the lizards, they tend not to inhabit low-lying areas and have claimed the mountain ranges between the Muggy Plains and the Zao Steppes. The only exception being the underground in which Lizards and Draken still inhabit, and have established the Zao Palace deep underground. The dragons are mostly neutral, but have been known to assist the Lizards in battle and were responsible for the restabilization of the Razachai empire.

There is also rumored to be a subcontinent on the west of the Zao mountains shrouded with evil. According to rumors, a vampire family inhabits the land and are the vampire threat of Yalahar.

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Access to Vengoth is by way of Yalahar as part of the Blood Brothers Quest. Access to the rest of Zao is acquired as part of The New Frontier Quest, Children of the Revolution Quest and Wrath of the Emperor Quest.
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