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This creature is a boss in the Reptiles class, Dragons /Skeletons subclass.
9.5 (April 3, 2012)
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Zanakeph Zanakeph
11500? Hit points
9900 Experience points per kill
Summon/Convince: --/--
Abilities: Same as an Undead Dragon
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Walks around: Energy
Est. Max. Damage: 2000+ hp per turn
Immune To: Death, Fire, Earth
Strong To: Physical (-20%?)
Neutral To: Holy?, Drown?, Life Drain?
Weak To: Energy (+10%?)
Sounds: ?
Behavior: It behaves like a normal Undead Dragon, runs at deep red hp.
Field Notes: It's boss of Undead Dragons. Part of the Killing in the Name of... Quest.
Location: Razachai, behind teleport located here.
Strategy: Knights should stand diagonal, whilst Paladins should kite him around the room. Mages should use energy-based spells such and Energy Wave, Great Energy Beam, Ultimate Energy Strike and kite him in the room until he's dead. Energy Walls can be utilized to keep him at bay. With Kerberos, it's one of the hardests bosses of Glizzy Adams tasks, so be careful. It was confirmed on september 2013 that he still drop Maxilla Maximus.
0-81 gps, 0-10 Platinum Coins, 0-3 Small Sapphires, 0-4 Small Emeralds, 0-1 Great Health Potions, 0-2 Great Mana Potions, 0-3 Great Spirit Potions 0-5 Hardened Bones, 0-3 Unholy Bones, 0-1 Demonic Essences, 0-1 Gold Ingots, Golden Mug, Death Ring, Rusty Armor (Rare), Dragonbone Staff, Crown Helmet, Knight Armor, Golden Armor, Skull Helmet, Royal Helmet, Divine Plate, Jade Hat, Maxilla Maximus. (Loot Statistics)

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