Your Golem and You Volume 2
The most common materials for golems are closely related to the element earth. Here the basic material follows the rule that the less hard the material in question is, the more easy it is to condense it to consciousness. The common assumption that softer materials are more prone to burnout, power failures and malfunctions is a misconception. Technically, the "soft" golems are not more faulty than their harder counterparts. Everyday praxis though shows that much less skill is needed to create them, so less skilled enchanters usually choose softer materials for their golems, leading to the great number of failures. Still, there is an issue with durability as the softer material is more vulnerable to the ravages of time than harder one. This can be compensated by the skill of the caster though. In theory, a caster that creates the easier "soft" golems can put more effort into the perfection of the durability of the enchantment. When creating a harder golem, he has to put more attention to the condensation of the consciousness and can spent less effort on durability. Given the different inherent durability of softer and harder golems, all in all the durability should be roughly the same. The most common material for a golem is clay. It is quite easy to activate and the material allows easy additional, supplemental manipulation like the engraving of runes and glyphs that enhance the control over the entity or add certain capabilities. Clay is closely followed by certain forms of stone, though here significantly more talent is needed for the rituals. This is followed by various forms of metal. The manipulation of metal is not trivial though and the rate of failure rises tremendously. The most difficult creations are those made of crystal or gems. Already the creation of a gem huge enough to create a golem, let alone its modelling, is beyond the grasp of ordinary sorcery. Giant crystals are more common. However, the stability of such crystal formations is often lower than desired, and often, tremendous effort is wasted only to learn that the crystal was flawed from the beginning. Other variants of elemental golems are speculated about, but yet, there is no solid proof about their existence. Given the scientific knowledge about problems that would have to be overcome, their existence is more than questionable.


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