Your Golem and You Volume 1
Scientists distinguish between two kinds of golems: elemental and necromantic. Elemental golems consist of primal elements and are magically that condensed that a elemental consciousness is formed. That way a quasi-elemental is created, sharing several characteristics with true elementals. In the process of their creation, such artificial elementals only possess a rudimentary consciousness. Sometimes, if the concentration of elements is not sufficient and no consciousness is created, it leaves the creator with nothing than an empty hull and a burned-out elemental core. Even if activated successfully, a careless ritual might leave the golem flawed, which sooner or later leads to a similar burnout of the core. A flawless golem will exist for many years, probably outliving its creator by far. This might not be desirable, though, as a golem's consciousness might grow over the years, giving him a certain sense of intelligence and unwanted individuality. Even though in theory all elements qualify to 'spark' the necessary consciousness in a golem, their physical restrictions make certain materials more suitable than others. It is almost impossible to form a body out of air or fire that exists long enough to have the correct enchantments placed upon. Further, the lack of a physical body makes the magic charging of the hull next to impossible. Technically, air and fire golems are beyond the grasp of mortal sorcery. I only include these possibilities of golem creation because we knew it has been done under certain conditions and by gifted individuals or groups with tremendous resources. Water golems are similarly difficult to create, though this can be compensated by freezing water and giving it a solid form. Ice golems can be created, enchanted and manipulated by the usual rituals. The drawback is that a a thawing water elemental's core is subject to destabilisation and water, or better, ice golems are only of limited use. The climate to sustain ice golems is usually that uninhabitable to its creator that the effort of their creation is questionable, particularly considering the fact that there are golems made of more reliable material available.


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