Player: Fa'hradin
Yaman: I feel a strange kind of respect for Fa'hradin even though he is a Marid. He is more level-headed and clear-sighted than most Efreet I know. ...
Yaman: I don't know what made him side with Gabel, but he is the only djinn I miss. ...
Yaman: In fact he was one of the few djinn I ever liked.
Player: Kha'zeel
Yaman: Djinns have lived in these mountains, called Kha'zeel, for as long as anyone can remember. ...
Yaman: Humans rarely come up here, and few djinn care to travel down to the Kha'labal. It is probably better this way. For both our races.
Player: Gabel
Yaman: Even though Malor would never admit it, Gabel is a strong and charismatic leader. We cannot win this war as long as he is alive.
Player: Ankrahmun
Yaman: Ankrahmun is the oldest human settlement in Tibia. I remember how surprised we were when we found that humans were capable of building such fine cities.
Player: marid
Yaman: I do not hate the Marid - not more than anybody else, anyhow. I joined the Efreet because it seemed the logical thing to do.
Player: efreet
Yaman: Curious how we have changed physically in the course of time, isn't it? But the fact that we have different skin colours cannot hide the fact that Efreet and Marid are still related by blood.
Player: job
Yaman: I am a trader. Not a popular job around here since it involves dealing with humans, but I don't mind. I rather sit here than have my brain bashed out in this childish war. ...
Yaman: If you have the permission of Malor to trade with us, I will buy all magical equipment you have to offer.
Player: Kha'labal
Yaman: The Kha'labal we know today was created at the height of the djinn war. Not exactly a glorious chapter in the war's history.
Player: Darashia
Yaman: The wealth of Darashia is proverbial. I have my own little plans with it.
Player: humans
Yaman: Humans are selfish, greedy and unnecessarily cruel. In other words, they resemble us in many ways. ...
Yaman: Unlike other Efreet I would not kill a human just for the fun of it. However, I would not hesitate to do it if it seemed profitable. No offence.
Player: malor
Yaman: Malor is our leader. He is driven by greed and by ambition. He is clever, though. Personally, I sided with him because Daraman's creed did not appeal to me. ...
Yaman: 'Everybody for himself' is my motto. As an Efreet, I can do what I want. No artificial moral restraints. I take what I want.
Player: lamp
Yaman: Yes - djinns sleep in lamps. How long did it take you to work that one out?
Player: tibia
Yaman: This world is our playground.
Player: pharaoh
Yaman: They say that pharaoh established his own religion. Amazing. We djinn are notoriously given to pride, but no djinn would ever have the arrogance to proclaim himself god.
Player: Scarab
Yaman: Some people find scarabs fascinating. Exactly why is simply beyond me.
Player: Melchior
Yaman: Melchior tried to double-cross us. That worm! He paid his treachery dearly. No human messes with the Efreet and lives to tell the tale.
Player: Mal'ouquah
Yaman: Mal'ouquah is the name of this place. Malor built it - hence the name. It means 'Malor's rage'.
Player: ascension
Yaman: Hm. I don't know about this, human.
Player: king
Player: The djinns do not have kings these days. Gabel renounced his right to the title - a clever move. Malor would love to proclaim himself king, but he does not have the authority to do it. Perhaps one day he will.
Player: Alesar
Yaman: Ah yes - Alesar... Everybody here is really excited because of him. These fools seem to believe that winning the war will be a trifle now Malor is back and we have Alesar on our side. I am far more cautious. ...
Yaman: I don't think Alesar is trying to double-cross us, but I have a bad feeling about him. I still don't understand what made him switch sides.
Player: Baa'Leal
Yaman: Baa'leal is our side's commander-in-chief. No wonder I can't be asked to join the service.
Player: Ashta'daramai
Yaman: Ashta'daramai is the name of the Marids' fortress. Gabel tore his former fortress down and erected Ashta'daramai in its place. ...
Yaman: Personally I preferred the older fortress, but it does not make much difference. If our side wins the war it will be torn down anyway.
Player: palace
Yaman: They say that palace has turned into a home for the living dead under the new pharaoh's rule.

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