Yalahar NPCs (68 NPCs)

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
A Fading Memory A Fading Memory Unknown Occupation Vengoth, high in the northern tower.
A Grumpy Cyclops A Grumpy Cyclops Artisan
North-east of the harbour, in the Inner City in Yalahar.
A Wandering Soul A Wandering Soul Unknown Occupation North-western Vengoth
Armenius Armenius Barkeeper In a bar in the Trade Quarter.
Barry Barry Guard Between Magician Quarter and Sunken Quarter, Yalahar.
Bolfona Bolfona Barkeeper Beregar tavern.
Bruce Bruce Guard Between Alchemist Quarter and Cemetery Quarter, Yalahar.
Captain Cookie Captain Cookie Ship Captain Yalahar, on the ship left of Karith's ship.
Chuckles Chuckles Magic Shopkeeper Inner City in Yalahar second floor in the tower north of the depot.
Dorbin Dorbin Furniture Shopkeeper Inner City in Yalahar, north of depot.
Drog Drog Unknown Occupation Beregar tavern
Emperor Rehal Emperor Rehal Monarch At the north end of the throne room in Beregar.
Ethan Ethan Paladin Guild Leader Yalahar, north-east from the Magician Quarter's entrance.
Frafnar Frafnar Guard Beregar Mines, west of the mines entrance.
Frok, The Guard Frok, The Guard Guard Beregar, at the royal throne.
Garzon Garzon Unknown Occupation Vengoth
Golem Guardian Golem Guardian Guard In the Yalahari building
Golem Servant Golem Servant Servant Below Fenrock, in a room behind an Energy Fence.
Gree Dee Gree Dee Equipment Shopkeeper Yalahar, west side of the main street, north of the depot, second floor.
Grombur Grombur Guard Beregar Mines, south of the mines entrance.
Guide Edna Guide Edna Informer Yalahar harbour.
Hal Hal Guard Between Arena and Zoo Quarter and Alchemist Quarter
Harlow Harlow Ferryman Yalahar: in the Trade Quarter docks (straight south from the main gate), West on Vengoth here.
Harog Harog Shopkeeper Beregar entrance hall
Iriana Iriana Shopkeeper Trade Quarter, near the gate to Factory Quarter.
Jimmy Jimmy Thief Past the sealed door in the southeastern docks of the Trade Quarter.
Julius Julius Inquisitor Yalahar, just after the gate to the Trade Quarter
Karith Karith Ship Captain In the harbour of Yalahar, in a ship one floor up.
Kihil, The Guard Kihil, The Guard Guard Beregar, at the royal throne.
Lisander Lisander Unknown Occupation The bar in Yalahar
Lorietta Lorietta Cleric
Yalahar Temple, just south of depot on the left side of dock, near the boat.
Maris Maris Ship Captain In the Foreigner Quarter all the way north-west in the harbour. Also on Fenrock and on Mistrock.
Maritima Maritima Unknown Occupation Yalahar Sunken Quarter, west of entrance.
Menacing Mummy Menacing Mummy Unknown Occupation Chez Pugwah, east of the Yalahar depot.
Morpel Morpel Weapon Shopkeeper Inner City in Yalahar
Mr. West Mr. West Merchant
Organisation Leader
Trade Quarter, in his tower.
Nokmir Nokmir Guard Beregar Mines, north of the mines entrance.
Oiriz Oiriz Jewelry Shopkeeper Yalahar, west side of the main street, north of depot.
Oliver Oliver Guard Between Factory Quarter and Sunken Quarter
Orc Berserker (NPC) Orc Berserker (NPC) Assistant Inner City in Yalahar.
Ortheus Ortheus Beggar Magician Quarter, north-west section one floor up.
Palimuth Palimuth Clairvoyant Inner City of Yalahar
Peter Peter Guard Between Factory Quarter and Trade Quarter
Pugwah Pugwah Barkeeper
Chez Pugwah, east of the Yalahar depot.
Pyromental Pyromental Unknown Occupation East of Beregar
Pythius the Rotten Pythius the Rotten Collector
Beregar caves.
Redward Redward Postman Inner City in Yalahar, east of the depot and above the bank.
Reed Reed Guard Between Cemetery Quarter and Magician Quarter.
Rehon Rehon Explorer
Expedition Leader
Beregar, in a troll prison cell
Serafin Serafin Food Shopkeeper Inner City, near the entrance to the Sunken Quarter.
Soilance Soilance Food Shopkeeper Inner City, north of bank.
Tamara Tamara Druid
Druid Guild Leader
Magician Quarter, near the entrance of north-east part.
Tamerin Tamerin Druid
Arena and Zoo Quarter (Yalahar). Just in front of the unreachable Nightmare Scion there is a stairway going down, leading to a a small basement.
Tamoril Tamoril Sorcerer
Sorcerer Guild Leader
Magician Quarter, far north-east.
Tarak Tarak Ferryman Sunken Quarter and Monument Tower.
Tehlim Tehlim Cook Old Mines of Beregar
Timothy Timothy Local Representative of the Explorer Society Inner City, west side of the main street, north of depot.
Tony Tony Guard Between Arena and Zoo Quarter and Foreigner Quarter
Vincent Vincent Artisan
Yalahar, west side of the main street, north of the depot, 4th floor.
Xorlosh Xorlosh Foreman Beregar Mines, just next to the city entrance.
Yalahari (NPC) Yalahari (NPC) Monarch Middle of Inner City.
Zarak Zarak Knight Guild Leader Yalahar, Foreigner Quarter
Zirkon Zirkon Unknown Occupation East of Beregar
Znozel Znozel Banker Inner City in Yalahar, east of depot.

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