There are 7 NPCs in Yalahar which guard the passages between two separate quarters. They all have the same uniform. You will need to talk to them in the In Service of Yalahar Quest. To pass between two quarters just say pass to the guard and then your destination.

Yalahar Guard NPCs (7 NPCs)
BarryBarryGuardBetween Magician Quarter and Sunken Quarter, Yalahar.
BruceBruceGuardBetween Alchemist Quarter and Cemetery Quarter, Yalahar.
HalHalGuardBetween Arena and Zoo Quarter and Alchemist Quarter
OliverOliverGuardBetween Factory Quarter and Sunken Quarter
PeterPeterGuardBetween Factory Quarter and Trade Quarter
ReedReedGuardBetween Cemetery Quarter and Magician Quarter.
TonyTonyGuardBetween Arena and Zoo Quarter and Foreigner Quarter

The guard's names are allusions to DC and Marvel Comics superheroes.

Barry is named after Barry Allen (Flash).
Bruce is named after Bruce Wayne (Batman) or Bruce Banner (Hulk).
Hal is named after Hal Jordan (Green Lantern).
Oliver is named after Oliver Queen (Green Arrow).
Peter is named after Peter Parker (Spider-Man).
Reed is named after Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic).
Tony is named after Tony Stark (Iron Man).

See also other Guard NPCs.

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