During the Bored Mini World Change, Wyda will react differently to most of her keywords. In these transcripts both are listed for comparison.

Player: hi
Wyda: What? Talking to me, Player?
Wyda: I'm bored! Bored bored bored! Nothing ever happens here!
Player: hello
Wyda: Good day, Player.
Player: job or profession
Wyda: I am a witch. Didn't you notice?
Wyda: I think witches these days are underpaid. Who needs a witch anyway?
Player: gods
Wyda: I believe that nature itself is God.
Wyda: Goddess, yes, you may call me that, thank you.
Player: nature
Wyda: There are many swamp plants, mushrooms, and herbs around here.
Player: plants
Wyda: There are many kinds of swamp plants, some can be used for potions, some not.
Wyda: I've heard about a whole different set of corrupted plants. I wonder what kind of potions you could make from them?
Player: mushrooms
Wyda: Mushrooms taste good and are useful for potions.
Wyda: Some mushrooms have strange effects. I just recently noticed that one certain sort lets your hands grow.
Player: herbs
Wyda: The swamp is home to a wide variety of herbs, but the most famous is the blood herb.
Wyda: To be honest, I'm drowning in blood herbs by now.
Player: bloodherb
Wyda: The blood herb is very rare. This plant would be very useful for me, but I don't know any accessible places to find it.
Wyda: To be honest, I'm drowning in blood herbs by now. But if it helps you, well yes.. I guess I could use another blood herb...
Player: potion or recipe or secret
Wyda: The recipe of the potions is one of the witches' secrets!
Player: magic/spell
Wyda: The magic of the witches is one of our secrets!
Wyda: I want to invent a new spell. I just need a good idea.
Player: key
Wyda: I keep my keys where they belong - in my pocket.
Wyda: Here's a secret I've never told anyone before. I actually have a key to the Kazordoon treasury. No, you can't have it.
Player: help
Wyda: I can only help with knowledge. About what do you want me to tell you something?
Player: king
Wyda: There are too many royals on this continent if you ask me...
Wyda: I've heard of a new festival called 'Kingsday'. Why don't they make a 'Witchday'?
Player: Tibianus
Wyda: Haha, that's a stupid name. Who's that?
Wyda: Haha, still a stupid name.
Player: Queen Eloise
Wyda: Eloise is Queen of Carlin. I don't care about royals much, as long as they don't try to tax me.
Wyda: She has become kinda fat over the years, don't you think? Ha... nothing beats some good gossip. I feel almost entertained.
Player: name
Wyda: My name is Wyda, and what's yours?
Wyda: You should know me after all these years!
Player: my name is Player
Wyda: Nice to meet you.
Player: quest
Wyda: A quest? Well, if you're so keen on doing me a favour... Why don't you try to find a blood herb?
Wyda: To be honest, I'm drowning in blood herbs by now.
Player: time
Wyda: I think it is the fourth year after Queen Eloise's crowning, but I cannot tell you date or time.
Wyda: It's about time SOMETHING HAPPENED HERE!
Player: swamp
Wyda: Be careful of the swamp water, it's poisonous!
Wyda: Swamp water is good for your skin.
Player: druid
Wyda: Druids are mostly fine people. I'm always happy when I meet one.
Wyda: Being a druid is fine, you know. Since household injuries are among the most common, you can at least mend your own wounds well.
Player: sorcerer
Wyda: Sorcerers have forgotten about the root of all beings: nature.
Wyda: I wouldn't mind learning a new spell or two. Maybe I should dabble some in sorcerer magic.
Player: knight
Wyda: Knights succumb to the blindness of rage and the desire for violence and blood.
Wyda: Even a knight would be a welcome distraction right now. I could use his little sword to poke him in the eye.
Player: paladin
Wyda: Paladins can use bows, but not brains.
Wyda: I once knew a paladin who had a magic lamp. No wait... different story.
Player: monsters/creatures
Wyda: Many creatures live in, around, and beneath the swamp. Be careful!
Player: Black Knight
Wyda: Wyda: A black knight? Black is the color of witches, why whould any knight carry black?
Wyda: Many creatures live in, around, and beneath the swamp. Be careful... MWIHIHIHIHIHI.
Player: Bonelords
Wyda: Bonelords? Strange creatures that have mysterious magical abilities.
Player: Giant Spider
Wyda: Yes, there is such a thing in the east, on a small island. It's very powerful.
Wyda: Oooooh why are you asking? *whistles*
Player: Hunter
Wyda: To the east, there is a little settlement of hunters. They are cruel humans who attack everything they see.
Wyda: To hunt or to be hunted, I guess it's either of the two.
Player: Slime
Wyda: There's lots of slime around. It is said that they live from the swamp water.
Player: Witches or sister
Wyda: Some sisters of mine are having a meeting nearby. Don't disturb them, or they will get angry and attack you.
Wyda: They never let me join their parties. It's not my fault that I'm smarter and prettier than them. They're just jealous!
Player: cookie
Wyda: I bake cookies now and then in my spare time.
Wyda: I was so bored that I made cookies with insects in them. I sold them in Venore. Maybe you ate one recently.
Player: wand
Wyda: I use a wooden spellwand. Why are you asking?
Wyda: I use a wooden wand. Why are you asking?
Player: crystal ball
Wyda: It's a magical item that only witches can use.
Wyda: Let me take a look... ah, yes, you'll have a good day. Or maybe a bad one. Doesn't really say it clearly.
Player: coffin
Wyda: That's none of your business.
Wyda: Want to end up in one? Keep your nose out!
Player: broom
Wyda: What about it?
Player: fly broom
Wyda: Haha, no... where did you get that idea? I use it to sweep my platform.
Wyda: Sadly, my license expired.
Player: orange
Wyda :I love exotic fruits. I have oranges imported from the south sometimes, but that's very expensive.
Wyda: Actually, I feel more like mangos.
Player: Carlin
Wyda: Carlin is a beautiful town, but far from here. Do you live there?
Wyda: I've heard a band of male bards plays there sometimes. Maybe I should pay it a visit.
Player: Kazordoon
Wyda: Isn't that the name of the little bearded fellows' town?
Wyda: Ah, the pretty city of... dullness.
Player: little bearded fellows or dwarf or dwarves
Wyda: The little bearded fellows have a town somewhere to the north-west.
Player: Thais
Wyda: I've heard stories about that city. It's nowhere near here, that's all I can tell you about it.
Wyda: Not. Interested.
Player: Plains of Havoc
Wyda: Many tales exist about some so-called Plains of Havoc. It seems to be a dangerous place.
Wyda: The Plains of Havoc... ah, fond memories. I used to go there as a little witch and run from all the giant spiders. How scary!
Player: Dwarven Bridge
Wyda: There's a bridge to the west, but it's guarded by dwarfs.
Wyda: Good if you don't want to get your feet wet, I guess. Hey, actually that's a brilliant idea. I could destroy a few bridges... hahaha.
Player: earthquakes
Wyda: The earth in this region shakes now and then. Foolish people think that this is because the gods are angry.
Player: Ferumbras
Wyda: Haha, that's a stupid name. Who's that?
Wyda: Look, behind you!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Player: witch
Wyda: Aye, I am a witch.
Player: become witch
Wyda: You're a MAN! (if you are a man)
Player: evil
Wyda: Evilness doesn't scare me.
Wyda: I'm not evil. What are you implying?
Player: man
Wyda: There are only female witches.
Player: Tibia
Wyda: Tibia is the name of our continent.
Wyda: You're a smart one, aren't you?
Player: health
Wyda: I do not have any potions for healing available right now.
Wyda: Nah sorry. Hehehehehe.
Player: platform
Wyda: This platform and house were built by my mother, long ago.
Player: mother
Wyda: Of course my mother was also a witch!
Player: voodoo
Wyda: I don't practice such nonsense, that's just a rumour.
Wyda: I've recently met that fellow Chondur on a convention. He has some... interesting... skills. *giggles*
Player: Granny Weatherwax
Wyda: I think I've heard that name before...
Player: Nanny Ogg
Wyda: I think I've heard that name before...
Player: buy
Wyda: I'm currently not selling anything.
Player: sell
Wyda: There's nothing I need right now, thanks.
Player: see you
Wyda: Good luck on your journeys, player
Wyda: NO! Don't go! I need someone to entertain me!
Player: bye
Wyda: Good luck on your journeys.
Wyda: NO! Don't go! I need someone to entertain me!

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