Property Value
Usage Properties
Words exura ico
Mana 40
Cooldown 1 second
Group CD 1 second
Requirement Properties
Vocation Knight
Level 8
Other Properties
Spell Group Healing Spells
Cost 0 gp
Version 8.1
December 11, 2007
Status Active
Wound Cleansing
Wound Cleansing
exura ico


Restores a small amount of health.


Wound Cleansing is the primary healing spell for Knights. Wound Cleansing was originally a premium only spell but was changed in the Winter Update 2010 to reduce the level requirement and make it a free account spell; at the same time a stronger version of Wound Cleansing was introduced: Intense Wound Cleansing. Wound Cleansing replaces Light Healing for Knights although it is far more effective (much greater HP/Mana ratio) than its earlier counterpart.

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