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Please note that we can not guarantee the security of the link(s) on this page. Don't visit them if you feel suspicious. (previously, created in 1998, was one of the oldest Tibia fansites. You could find everything you needed, such as experience tables, monsters, maps and server saves times. Most of the stuff like maps and monsters became outdated, however. You could also download videos about Tibia, and it had an active forum. World of Tibia was also a good source for some free legal, but not supported, software which could help you out doing some stuff not directly connected with playing the game itself. One of the programs, Tibia Map Viewer, sorts all your .map files together and makes it possible to view them in one window, even zoomed in, similarly to TibiaWiki's Mapper. See more information about this program here. Another program helped you to unzip the large Tibia.spr file into thousands of small image files.

World of Tibia had a long-time cooperation with CipSoft which ended shortly before the launch of the Fansite Programme on March 24, 2005.