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This creature is in the The Undead class, Ghosts subclass.
8.2 (July 2, 2008)
See also: Creatures
Wisp Wisp
115 Hit points
0 Experience points per kill
Summon/Convince: --/-- (Illusionable)
Abilities: Life Drain (3-7) from close only, Self Healing (15-25+), Invisible (for 2 seconds), Haste.
Pushable: Cross
Push Objects: Tick
Walks around: FireEnergyPoison
Est. Max. Damage: 7 hp per turn
Immune To: Death, Paralysis
Strong To: Physical (-65%), Energy (-30%), Earth (-90%)
Neutral To: Holy, Fire, Ice, Drown?, Life Drain?
Weak To:
Sounds: "Crackle!"; "Tsshh".
Behavior: Runs away from players. They may attack if trapped.
Field Notes: Wisps spawn in secluded regions, and they seem to be afraid of players. They drop the extremely rare Moon Backpack. Note that you won't lose stamina if hunting them in order to get their loot.
Looks the same as a Soul Spark and a Spirit of Light.
Location: All around Tiquanda. Several groups of Wisps can be found in and around the forests north of Edron: 2 here, 3+ around here, 3 around here and 2 around here. 2 west of Hardek, here. 1 inside the Cyclops Camp. 2 north of the triple Wyvern spawn outside Kazordoon, here. 1 west of Ab'Dendriel, here. 2 west of Venore Amazon Camp, here. A few spawns around Venore: here, here, 2 here and 2 around here.
Strategy: Just follow and attack them and try to corner them because they run.
Moon Backpack (very rare). (Loot Statistics)

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