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8.6 (June 30, 2010)
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Wayfarer Outfits Quest
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Also known as:
Reward: Wayfarer Outfits and addons
Outfit Wayfarer Male Addon 3 Outfit Wayfarer Female Addon 3
Location: Farmine/Zao
Level required: 80
Level recommended: 130+
Be prepared to face: Insect Swarm, Enraged Squirrel, Sandcrawler, Bat, Wolf, War Wolf, Skeleton, Goblins, Ghouls, Demon skeletons, Stone Golem, Shard of Corruption, , Mooh'Tah Master, Dragon Hatchling, Lizard Legionnaire, Lizard High Guard,Souleater, Eternal Guardian, Lizard Zaogun, Lizard Chosen, and Orcs of all kinds
Legend:  ?


Outfit Wayfarer Male Outfit Wayfarer Female

Required Equipment

There are no required items. The Wayfarer Outfit is given as a reward for completing the Wrath of the Emperor Quest.


Complete Wrath of the Emperor Quest.

Cape Addon

Outfit Wayfarer Male Addon 1 Outfit Wayfarer Female Addon 1

Required Equipment


Give Old Cape to Cranky Lizard Crone.

Sedge Hat Addon

Outfit Wayfarer Male Addon 2 Outfit Wayfarer Female Addon 2

Required Equipment


Give Sedge Hat to Cranky Lizard Crone.


(coming soon)

Treasure Chest

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