A player's vocation shapes their entire life. It usually dictates what kind of weapons they use, how they make money, what kind of creatures they prefer to hunt, and many more things about them.

A vocation is chosen when a player is transported by The Oracle to the Island of Destiny where you choose your vocation and later to the mainland. Every player has four choices for a vocation:

Knights and Paladins, even when they have area attacks, are more suited to attack individual enemies, by putting a lot of power on a single foe. On the other side, Druids and Sorcerers, due to their wave spells, Ultimate spells (Eternal Winter, Wrath of Nature, Rage of the Skies and Hell's Core) and their low wand or rod attacks, are most profitable to hunt with area spells or runes.

Each vocation has a different amount of Capacity, Hitpoints, and Mana that is gained with each level, 45 points each level, and each vocation also has a different rate of Regeneration of Hitpoints and Mana. In addition to these, your vocation also determines the speed of advancement in certain skills:

The speed of advancement in fishing is equal for all vocations.

Your careful choice allows you to use vocation specific items like armors, weapons, wands/rods and also spellbooks. There are also other differences. You are advised to read the pages for each vocation before deciding which one will fit your playing style best.

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