Player: hi
Vladruc: I am Vladruc Urghain and welcome you, Player, to my {house}.
Player: help
Vladruc: I am sorry, but I can't be of much assistance to you.
Player: job / house
Vladruc: I am a humble merchant of little importance to the beautiful Venore.
Player: name
Vladruc: I am Vladruc Urghain. Welcome to my house!
Player: time
Vladruc: It is 2:42 pm.
Player: king
Vladruc: I am of noble blood myself. I have been so long master that none other should be master of me.
Player: magic
Vladruc: Magic is a tool to be mastered.
Player: Tibia
Vladruc: What a wonderful world we do live in ... so full of life.
Player: army
Vladruc: The Thaian garrison serves its purpose very well.
Player: undead
Vladruc: It is not dead, which can eternal lie, and in strange aeons, even death may die.
Player: books
Vladruc: These companions have been good friends and teachers to me.
Player: blood
Vladruc: I like blood ... only the color, that is, of course ... <chuckles>
Player: coffin
Vladruc: The final resting place for all of us, isn't it?
Player: dungeon
Vladruc: Such lovely places, unjustly shunned by the people.
Player: necromants
Vladruc: Death is the final frontier. Necromancers boldly go, where no one has gone before.
Player: vampires
Vladruc: Please don't talk about such creatures. You are scaring me.
Player: monsters
Vladruc: Oh yes, the children of the night ... you dwellers in the city cannot enter into the feelings of the hunter.
Player: Ferumbras
Vladruc: You think he is of ancient evil? Little you know about ancientness or evilness.
Player: Excalibug
Vladruc: A terrifying weapon if it does exist at all.
Player: Thais
Vladruc: Sadly only through books I have come to know your great Thais, and to know her is to love her.
Player: Venore
Vladruc: Our ways are not your ways, and there shall be to you many strange things.
Player: bye
Vladruc: Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring!

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