This page is about the Amazon Camp near Venore. For the Amazon Camp near Carlin, see Carlin Amazon Camp.

The Venore Amazon Camp is located north west of Venore, here. It can be reached from the north by crossing a bridge and from the south by walking through the Green Claw Swamp. It is said that the leaders of the Amazon Camp, the Valkyries, are in touch with Witches. The Amazon Camp is commonly used by Paladins. It is a great source of exp and gp for lower levels. Also, since Valkyries drop spears paladins can hunt here quite well. Down underground there is a Witch that is preparing a spell. What it is, no one knows.

This camp also contains a treasure room. It contains quite a few good items: Amazon Camp Treasure Room

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Monsters in Venore Amazon Camp

And sometimes

Note: The Hunter and Poacher are inaccessible.

Maps of Venore Amazon Camp

Venore Amazon Camp1
Venore Amazon Camp2
Venore Amazon Camp3

See also other Hunting Places.

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