There are about 15 Werewolves living in this cave. For mid-level players, the cave presents a good xp/h, since the xp/hp ratio of Werewolves is above average. For high-level characters, however, the xp/h is not as good, since there are relatively few Werewolves there. This cave provides one of the fastest ways to accomplish the Werewolf killing task.

Werewolves drop many valuable items fairly often that can make hunting these creatures very profitable with a little luck. Although if no rares drop it will be a big waste.

A simple strategy for shooters is to shoot fire bomb runes in the cave intersections, lure the Werewolves one by one and position themselves in the middle of the fields. The Werewolf will step into the fields once it is under attack, but the other creatures, including its summons, will stay away.

For knights just try to lure the Werewolf to one of the many narrow parts of the cave so that only the Werewolf and one summon can attack you. You can use fire field to help accomplish this. A level 90+ knight with skills of 85 or higher can kill around 100 werewolf with 500 Mana Potions and around 40 Great Health Potions.

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