The land of Vengoth is situated on the continent of Zao. To travel to Vengoth you need to have at least started the mission 4 (The Dark Lands) of the Blood Brothers Quest. Then you may talk with Harlow, who will take you there for 100 gold.

Julius, one of the inhabitants of Yalahar, believes that Vengoth is the source of all evil that threatens Yalahar. This land is feared by many, because all who have set sail for this land have never returned. Some foreign shipmen say that they have seen an old haunted castle on this land. See also: Vengoth/Castle

Vengoth is a somewhat larger area which can be explored south east of Yalahar. In the past, rich green pastures and fertile soil marked this place. Several years ago, however, the grass suddenly stopped growing, the soil became barren and rocky, and the crystal clear water turned muddy and dirty. All life seemed to have vanished overnight. Rumour has it that at this time four brothers sought refuge in the old ruinous castle passing the mountains, and that mysterious and awful things have been happening on this place ever since. Fact is that the area has turned into a dusky and barren land with stony ground and sharp rock formations.

Vengoth NPCs

Vengoth NPCs (4 NPCs)
A Fading MemoryA Fading MemoryUnknown OccupationVengoth, high in the northern tower.
A Wandering SoulA Wandering SoulUnknown OccupationNorth-western Vengoth
GarzonGarzonUnknown OccupationVengoth
HarlowHarlowFerrymanYalahar: in the Trade Quarter docks (straight south from the main gate), West on Vengoth here.


Vengoth, surface
War WolfWar Wolf55140
  • This creature drops no loot.
Demon SkeletonDemon Skeleton240400
Haunted TreelingHaunted Treeling310450

Vengoth, mountains
Demon SkeletonDemon Skeleton240400
Elder BonelordElder Bonelord280500
Energy ElementalEnergy Elemental550500