Vampire Shield

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This item is in the Body Equipment class, Shields sub-class
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Vampire Shield Vampire Shield
Dark powers enchant this shield.
Attributes: Def: 34
Weight: 38.00 oz.
i Transferable: Yes, but restricted.
Loot value: 15,000 - 20,000 gp.
Dropped by:
Arthei, Arachir the Ancient One, Armenius (Creature), Boreth, Diblis the Fair, Grynch Clan Goblin, Lersatio, Marziel, Nightfiend, Sir Valorcrest, The Count, The Pale Count, The Weakened Count, Vampire, Vampire Viscount, Zevelon Duskbringer.
Buy from: Players only.
Sell to:
NPC City Value
in gp
AlesarAnkrahmun*15000Only if friendly with the green djinns
H.L.Venore*119Only to male characters. 
Notes: This is a very rare item considering the effort needed to obtain one. Good upgrade from the Crown Shield, if you can't afford a Demon Shield.

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Obtainable through the Vampire Shield Quest
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