Player: hi
Uzon: Daraman's blessings, traveller Player.
Player: job
Uzon: I am a licensed Darashian carpetpilot. I can bring you to Darashia or Edron.
Player: name
Uzon: I am known as Uzon Ibn Kalith.
Player: Tibia
Uzon: I have seen almost every place on the continent.
Player: time
Uzon: It's 3:42 pm right now. The next flight is scheduled soon.
Player: Excalibug
Uzon: Some people claim it is hidden somewhere under the endless sands of the devourer desert in Darama.
Player: Ferumbras
Uzon: I would never transport this one.
Player: Carlin
Uzon: Just another Thais but with women to lead them.
Player: Thais
Uzon: Thais is noisy and overcroweded. That's why I like Darashia more.
Player: Darama or Darashia
Uzon: Do you want to get a ride to Darashia on Darama for 50 gold?
Player: no
Uzon: You shouldn't miss the experience.
Player: bye
Uzon: Daraman's blessings

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