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Location: North-west Port Hope on Haggler's Hangout basement floor Port Hope Tavern, here.
Occupation: Knight Guild Leader
Sound(s): Unknown.
Notes: He is head of a little mining operation in Port Hope. In his spare time he trains knights to prevent his old body from rusting.
Items traded:
Spells Req. level Spell cost
Find Person880 gp
Light80 gp
Magic Rope9200 gp
Cure Poison10150 gp
Wound Cleansing80 gp
Levitate12500 gp
Great Light13500 gp
Haste14600 gp
Brutal Strike161,000 gp
Charge251,300 gp
Whirlwind Throw281,500 gp
Groundshaker331,500 gp
Berserk352,500 gp
Inflict Wound402,500 gp
Cure Bleeding452,500 gp
Recovery504,000 gp
Front Sweep704,000 gp
Intense Wound Cleansing806,000 gp
Fierce Berserk907,500 gp
Intense Recovery10010,000 gp
Annihilation11020,000 gp
Buys: None.

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