West Venore, here.


Leeland is the owner of the Warehouse. Julian, Chephan, Nelliem, and Shiantis also work there. These are the floors:

[[Category:Version 7.1

Non-accessible items: Baking Tray, Barrel, 32 Boxes, Brown Barrel, Brown Backpack, 26 Brown Boxes, Brown Thin Book, Candlestick, 5 Chests, Cleaver, 28 Crates, Cyan Counters, Drum, Empty Coal Basin, Fishing Rod, Football, Kidney Table, Kitchen Knife, Lamp, Lute, Lyre, Pan, Pick, Pitchfork, Plate, Pot, Present Box, Rope, Scythe, Shovel, Torch, Watch, Wooden Flute . Implementations]]

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