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Tuesday 30th September 2008, a new tibia client was released. Link to the Official Announcement


It was a minor update, only a technical update, like Updates/7.7.


  • When you say trade to a NPC, items now display how much they weigh in the text line.

New changes - Weight of items now shown in NPC trade.

  • When you say trade to a NPC, items that you cannot afford to buy will be written in a darker grey text colour. However items that you do have enough money to buy will be written in the normal grey text colour.

New Change in npc trading system when you cannot afford an item.

  • When you say trade to a NPC, items that you want to sell and wear in your inventory are highlighted and set to the amount you are carrying.
  • When you say trade to a NPC, you can buy items inside backpacks. Rightclick to choose the option and select the amount you want to buy. Afterwards press "Buy". To leave the "buy in backpack mode"-mode do another rightclick on the item list and turn it off. If you buy with backpacks each backpack costs 20 gp.
Trade Box

buy-with-backpack system

New Documents

Name Type Description
The Rise of the Pumpkin (Book) Book (Black)Book (Brown)Book (Brown Square) Explains the creation of The Halloween Hare and The Mutated Pumpkin

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