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This update took place on December 19, 2001.


The new world Nova was created and the world previously known as just "Tibia" was named Antica. An account number and password were first required in order to login to the game.
The island of Cormaya was created with new NPCs and houses.
The Ice Islands and Fields of Glory were expanded with new quests.

Creatures and Bosses

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Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Eremo Eremo Sage
Eremo's Island, a small island between Edron and Cormaya.
Pemaret Pemaret Fisherman
Ship Captain
Northern port of Cormaya by Cormaya Street.
Yoem Yoem Furniture Shopkeeper North Cormaya in the courtyard on Cormaya Street and by Cormaya Flats.


Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Shield of Honour Shield of Honour 54.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.


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Name Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward
Alawar's Vault Quest 0 25 Senja/Folda 3 White Pearls, Broadsword, Dark Helmet, 4 Throwing Knives, Blank Rune, 33gp, Key 4501, Key 4502, Key 4503.

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