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The second part of the Summer Update 2013 was released on September 18, 2013. Its version number is 10.2.

Update Teasers

  1. The Spike
  3. Reward to Whom Reward is Due!
  4. Monsters Getting Smart and Clever!
  5. The Challenger II

New Features

Reward System for Boss Fights

With this mechanism, all active members in a boss fight may be able to loot rewards.

Once the boss is dead, players will see a new kind of loot bag, the Reward Container. It will contain individual loot for every fighting team member according to his participation during the fight.

Summer 2013 Reward System

Furthermore, a Reward Chest will be added to the Adventurers' Guild. Players will have the option to either take the reward from the dead body or the Reward Chest. If one has already looted the dead body, his reward chest will be empty. If not, the reward will be stored in the chest for seven days.

The following bosses are affected by the new system:

For more information, see the FAQ in the Auditorium.

Artificial Intelligence for Bosses

All new bosses and eventually all existing bosses will have a new artificial intelligence (A.I.) that will make their behavior more dynamic and different from normal monsters, making them even more challenging. While all details have not been revealed the bosses' environment will be a factor in their behavior. The new bosses will be affected by the revised reward system.

The following bosses use improved AI:

World Board

The World Board

A World Board.

The World Board can be used to inform about currently active Mini World Changes in a server.

Simply use it and a list will appear in the Server Log.


Client Artwork 10.2

New client background artwork

  1. ^ As written by Tjured on September 20, 2013 here.

New Locations

New Raids

  1. 00:00: The Pale Count has risen from his crypt deep under Drefia. Blood will flow.

The Pale Count50000/28000The Pale Count

New Mini World Changes

Name Rec. Level Prem Location Reward
Spirit Grounds Mini World Change yes Spirit Grounds (via Darama, Ghostlands or Vengoth)

New Quests

Name Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward
Cave Explorer Outfits Quest 80 The Spike. Cave Explorer Outfits and addons:

Outfit Cave Explorer Male Addon 3Outfit Cave Explorer Female Addon 3 and the Cave Completionist achievement.

Spike Tasks Quest Varies The Spike and surroundings Experience, Cave Explorer Outfits and its addons, Cave Completionist achievement.

New Achievements

Name Grade Points Prem Secret Descr
Cave Completionist

Achievement Grade Symbol

2 You have helped the gnomes of the spike in securing the caves and explored enough of the lightles depths to earn you a complete cave explorers outfit. Well done!

New Outfits

Name Male Outfit Male Addons Female Outfit Female Addons Type Premium
Cave Explorer Outfits Outfit Cave Explorer Male Outfit Cave Explorer Male Addon 3 Outfit Cave Explorer Female Outfit Cave Explorer Female Addon 3 Quest Outfits yes

New NPCs

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
A Behemoth A Behemoth Spy The Spike 8 levels down.
A Dragon Lord A Dragon Lord Spy The Spike 7 levels down.
A Drillworm A Drillworm Spy The Spike 6 floors down.
A Lost Basher A Lost Basher Spy The Spike 7 floors down.
A Lost Husher A Lost Husher Spy The Spike 8 floors down.
A Lost Thrower A Lost Thrower Spy The Spike 7 floors down.
A Nightmare Scion A Nightmare Scion Spy The Spike 6 floors down.
A Vulcongra A Vulcongra Spy The Spike 6 floors down.
A Wyrm A Wyrm Spy The Spike 8 floors down.
Gnomargery Gnomargery Officer The Spike, level -7
Gnombold Gnombold Officer The Spike, level -4
Gnome Trooper Gnome Trooper Guard The Spike -6 (here and here), -7 (here and here), and -8 (here).
Gnomilly Gnomilly Officer The Spike, level -2
Gnommander Gnommander Officer The Spike, level -1
Gnomux Gnomux Shopkeeper The Spike, level -6.
Opticorder Forge (NPC) Opticorder Forge (NPC) Guard Kazordoon Forge.
Sane Mage Sane Mage Sorcerer
South of Stonehome
The Gate Keeper The Gate Keeper Guard Spirit Grounds, west of Drefia, below ocean.

New Creatures

Name Exp HP Loot
Egg (Creature) Egg (Creature) 0 800
  • This creature drops no loot.
Enraged Soul Enraged Soul 120 150
Frost Servant Frost Servant  ? 385
  • This creature drops no loot.
Frost Spider Frost Spider  ? 1250
  • This creature drops no loot.
Nightfiend Nightfiend 2100 2700
Spawn of The Welter Spawn of The Welter  ?  ?


Name Exp HP Loot
Furyosa Furyosa 11500 25000
Hirintror Hirintror 800 1500
Ocyakao Ocyakao 490 700
Shlorg Shlorg --  ?
  • This creature drops no loot.
The Pale Count The Pale Count 28000 50000
The Welter The Welter 11000 25000
Tyrn Tyrn 6900 12000
Weakened Shlorg Weakened Shlorg 6500 10000
White Pale White Pale 390 500
Zushuka Zushuka 9000 15000

New Items

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Albino Plate Albino Plate 84.00
Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm 1.50
Flask of Fertiliser Flask of Fertiliser 1.80
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Furious Frock Furious Frock magic level +2 34.00
Ghost Detector Ghost Detector 9.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Glass of Goo Glass of Goo 17.00
Gnomish Supplies Gnomish Supplies 8.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Goo Shell Goo Shell 48.00
Haunted Mirror Piece Haunted Mirror Piece 28.00
Horn (Ring) Horn (Ring) 1.20
Icicle Bow Icicle Bow 42.00
Icy Culottes Icy Culottes 15.00
Lodestone Lodestone 3.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Memory Box Memory Box 20.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Memory Box (Activated) Memory Box (Activated) 20.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Runic Ice Shield Runic Ice Shield 49.00
Shrunken Head Necklace Shrunken Head Necklace speed +10 5.50
Smoking Coal Smoking Coal 10.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Spirit Shovel Spirit Shovel 28.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Sun Mirror Sun Mirror 8.50
Thermometer Thermometer 8.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Trapped Lightning Trapped Lightning 9.00
Triple Bolt Crossbow Triple Bolt Crossbow 62.00
Tuning Fork Tuning Fork 1.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Vampire Silk Slippers Vampire Silk Slippers 11.50

New Objects

Name Walkable Notes
Berg Crystal Berg Crystal
Berg Crystal (Pillar) Berg Crystal (Pillar)
Charged Ghost Pacifier Charged Ghost Pacifier A charged pacifier will become a normal Ghost Pacifier after 2 minutes.
Ghost Pacifier Ghost Pacifier
Large Berg Crystal Large Berg Crystal
Large Berg Crystal (Pillar) Large Berg Crystal (Pillar)
Large Crystal Teleporter (Berg) Large Crystal Teleporter (Berg) Unlike the darker version, this teleporter does not require Teleport Crystals.
Ominous Mound Ominous Mound An opened Ominous Mound will return to its default state after 2 minutes.
Opticorder Forge Opticorder Forge When used, the message "Nothing happens." appears. If you have an Opticording Sphere with you, however, the message "The device does not quite fit into the hollow. A complicated mechanism blocks the recess." is displayed.
Reward Chest Reward Chest Reward Containers that weren't looted from a corpse will appear inside this chest. Once every item inside a container is taken, it will disappear from the chest.
Bosses and other creatures whose loot is part of the Reward Chest system include:
Reward Container Reward Container Holds the loot of a specific creature you helped defeat. Contents will depend on your participation while fighting it. A container will also appear inside the Reward Chest if not looted before.

A list of the creatures using this system can be found on the Reward Chest page.
Important: a Reward Container will be deleted 7 days after its creation, so make sure to loot it before that happens.

Smoke (Wall) Smoke (Wall)
Spike of a Crystal Drill Spike of a Crystal Drill
Strangely Shaped Block Strangely Shaped Block
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Spoiler ends here.
The World Board The World Board When used, it will print information about currently active Mini World Changes in the Server Log.
Summer 2013 Object 2 Summer 2013 Object 3 Summer 2013 Object 4
Summer 2013 Object 12 Summer 2013 Object 13 Summer 2013 Object 17

New Documents

Name Type Description
Expedition Project Exclave (Book) Parchment (White)

Update Images

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