There are areas in Tibia that players can see, but there is not a known way for players to walk to the location. Many of these areas could hold unknown quests or future quests or other interesting features.

There are also some small uninteresting areas that are unreachable because of flora, walls, rocks or twists of the coastline. These areas will collect items that are thrown on them, but are otherwise unworthy of comment.

Note that CipSoft members can teleport themselves to any location (including unreachable locations) and they can teleport anyone to themselves. Volunteer gamemasters can teleport themselves to anybody, doesn't matter where the target person is.

Unreachable locations list:

  • Barbarian Arena 4th reward room - The Barbarian Arena has an unreachable reward room.
  • Troll hole spot - Down this hole southeast of Thais is a not unlockable door with trolls in a room behind the door.
  • Another passage blocked by magic walls can be found at the Spike Sword Quest. Behind it, you can see and hear dragons.
  • Kha'labal - Slightly west of the mountain pass between Darashia and Ankrahmun is a wall built into Kha'Zeel. No one has discovered how to get past this wall. It is commonly called the "spectral tomb".
  • Northern Green Claw Swamp - There is an unreachable hole in the ground here, and there is a cave underneath that can be seen from the three witches' cave.
  • Venore's jail has a special holding cell which you cannot acess and its linked to a dead body on the way to venore's dragon lair, thats supposed of someone who was trying to escape from prision and had the roof falling on him, you can also see a spoon that could have been used to dig the tunnel, the entrance is here.
  • Giant Spider Tower here inside of hellgate.

Unreachable islands:

Unreachable locations in Rookgaard:

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