Undead Dragon

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This creature is in the Reptiles class, Dragons /Skeletons subclass.
7.9 (December 12, 2006)
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Undead Dragon Undead Dragon
8350 Hit points
7200 Experience points per kill
Summon/Convince: --/--
Abilities: Melee (0-480), Poison Wave (150-690), Smoke Wave (makes you drown for 2 minutes), Life Drain Wave (300-700), Blood Ball (300-400), Poison Ball (100-390), Sudden Death (25-600), Envenom (0-180), Self Healing (200-250), Life Drain Exori, Cursing Wave (makes you cursed).
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Walks around: Energy
Est. Max. Damage: 1975+ hp per turn
Immune To: Death, Fire, Earth, Drown, Life Drain, Invisibility, Paralysis.
Strong To: Physical (-5%), Ice (-50%)
Neutral To: Energy
Weak To: Holy (+25%)
Behavior: Chaotic and destructive, the Undead Dragon will destroy almost everything in its path with its wave attacks, though it will, similar to all creatures of dragon kind, try to retreat at low health.
Field Notes: Incredibly powerful dragon skeleton, capable of destructive attacks deadlier even than those from a Demon. They appeared in the Winter Update 2006. Its boss is Dracola.
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You may hunt 400 of these as a task of the Killing in the Name of... Quest. Upon completion of the task you will face Zanakeph.
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Location: Helheim (single, isolated spawn), Pits of Inferno (Ashfalor's throneroom), Demon Forge (The Shadow Nexus and The Arcanum), under Razachai (including the Inner Sanctum), Chyllfroest.
Strategy: Its attacks have the same range as the Dragons' Fire Wave but with other elements. Mages should use Energy Damage, Paladins should use Holy Damage, since they are strong against Physical Damage and immune against everything else. This is one of the strongest creatures in the Pits of Inferno. Mages under 335 should have Magic Shield always on when facing these. They retarget and can kill you in one combo. Knights will waste on soloing these creatures before roughly level 300, so it is not recommended to choose their task on lower levels.
10-198 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coins, Unholy Bone, 0-2 Small Sapphires, 0-5 Assassin Stars, 0-2 Black Pearls, 0-3 Great Mana Potions, 0-3 Great Health Potions, 0-15 Power Bolts, Hardened Bone, Demonic Essence, Golden Mug, Knight Armor, Dragonbone Staff (semi-rare), Life Crystal (rare), Royal Helmet (rare), War Axe (rare), Death Ring (rare), Dragon Slayer (rare), Golden Armor (rare), Spellweaver's Robe (rare), Blue Gem (very rare), Gold Ingot (very rare), Divine Plate (very rare), Skullcracker Armor (very rare). (Loot Statistics)

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