Property Value
Usage Properties
Words exori max frigo
Element Ice
Mana 100
Cooldown 30 seconds
Group CD 4 seconds
Requirement Properties
Vocation Druid
Level 100
Other Properties
Spell Group Attack Spells
Cost 15000 gp
Version 8.7
December 8, 2010
Status Active
Ultimate Ice Strike
Ultimate Ice Strike
exori max frigo


Freezing Icon A stronger version of Ice Strike and Strong Ice Strike.


Because of the thirty seconds cooldown and expensive manacost, this spell is mainly meant to be used as finishing move. But together with the pretty big fluctation of the damage outcome, many players prefer to use two Ice Strikes instead. Druids can only use either Ultimate Terra Strike or Ultimate Ice Strike, but this can be changed at Zoltan at the cost of 500 gp.

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