This article is about the Ultimate Healing instant spell. For the rune, see Ultimate Healing Rune.


Property Value
Usage Properties
Words exura vita
Mana 160
Cooldown 1 second
Group CD 1 second
Requirement Properties
Vocation Druid
Level 30
Other Properties
Spell Group Healing Spells
Cost 1000 gp
Version Unknown.
Status Active
Ultimate Healing
Ultimate Healing
exura vita


Restores a large amount of health to the target. (Cures paralysis.)


Since the update when holy spells were introduced, Paladins' Ultimate healing became almost useless because Divine Healing heals significantly more with only 50 more mana. Mages should not use this spell at low levels because Intense Healing will almost heal a mage to full with a decent Magic Level.

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