Treasure Island is a small island to the south-west in the Shattered Isles.

The historic rumours about buried treasure from pirate raids have made this island very popular with treasure seekers and diggers. Over time, the island has become one large excavation site.

Any visitor will need to walk carefully to avoid the many holes and rubble that remain from the countless diggers that have been there before.

The island has become very commercialized. There are no creatures on the surface of the island except for the occasional Seagull, Larvas, some wandering Crabs and many Scorpions.

It costs 200 gp to travel to the island and 50 gp to return. Before some Update it was 500 gp to get back, which caused many people to get stuck on the island as they didn't know the cost to get back was that high.

There is treasure on the island, though. There are two chests filled with gold, but they are not possible to reach.

You can also buy a treasure map there for 1,000 gp, but most people question its authenticity. There is a consensus among treasure seekers that you will need a real pirate treasure map to find treasure on the island, if any actually exists there.

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Each time you want to access the caverns you have to do the Treasure Island Quest.
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Treasure Island NPCs (8 NPCs)
BarneyBarneyTreasure HunterNorth on Treasure Island
Captain WaveriderCaptain WaveriderFerrymanLiberty Bay (here), Treasure Island (here) and Treasure Hunt Island (here)
DanlonDanlonTreasure HunterEast on Treasure Island
EranthEranthTreasure HunterSouth-west on Treasure Island
JasonJasonTreasure HunterNorth on Treasure Island
JohnJohnEquipment ShopkeeperNorth on Treasure Island.
MerayaMerayaTreasure HunterSouth-east on Treasure Island
PaoloPaoloTreasure HunterSouth-east on Treasure Island

Treasure Island Creatures - Surface
  • This creature drops no loot.

Treasure Island Creatures - Eastern Caves
Blood CrabBlood Crab160290
Quara Constrictor ScoutQuara Constrictor Scout200450
Crustacea GiganticaCrustacea Gigantica18001600

Treasure Island Creatures - Western Caves
Pirate SkeletonPirate Skeleton85190
Crypt ShamblerCrypt Shambler195330
Pirate GhostPirate Ghost250275

Knights should bring an enchanted weapon such as Fire Sword or Fire Axe to deal with the ghosts.