Travora is a small island which was introduced in the autumn patch of 2009. It is officially announced here. This island can be reached from any settlement with a depot. It is located south of the Tutorial Island and north of Meluna. It is the starting point if you want to transfer to another game world, a functionality which was added in that same autumn patch. Since the 2015 Winter Update (which brought with it a revamp of the Character World Transfer system), Travora consists only of a ship and a platform. The orginal depot and NPC Elgar were removed, but two depot slots remain on the ship. It's not needed anymore to sort out your items on this island, however. For a full list of requirements check this page.


Travora NPCs (2 NPCs)
Captain TiberiusCaptain TiberiusShip CaptainTravora, on his ship.
SharonSharonInformerTravora's ship.