Offline Training teaser

Training School in Edron

Training Schools are in all major cities in Tibia to give premium players an opportunity to advance the skills of their characters while being offline. You are able to choose one of the following skill combinations for your training: Magic level + Shielding, Distance Fighting + Shielding, Sword Fighting + Shielding, Axe Fighting + Shielding, or Club Fighting + Shielding. You simply have to use the corresponding Training Statue in a training school to log out in order to activate offline training for your character.
  • A character will only start to train skills offline after you have been logged off with this character for 10 minutes at least. While having offline training activated for one or more of your characters, you can still log in with a different character on the same account to either play or also do offline training.
  • You are able to train skills offline for a limited time only. Each character may train offline up to 12 consecutive hours. The offline training time you have left will be displayed in your character stats like stamina, for example. Every second you spend training offline is deducted from this pool. You will regenerate one second of a character's offline training time for every second you spend online with this character. Additionally, you will regenerate one second for every second you are logged off without using offline training for this character.
  • If you train offline and the training time pool reaches 0 while being offline, every second you are logged out without training will also regenerate one second of your character's training pool. However, to be able to use the regenerated offline training time, you will have to log in and use a training statue again. Let us use an example to illustrate it: Your character has 6 hours of training time left and you log out by using a training statue. You stay offline with this character for 10 hours. Upon login you will get the skill gain for 6 hours offline training and your training pool will have regained 4 hours of training time.
  • It also possible to do offline training by using a Bed when sleeping instead of using a training statue, as of the Autumn Patch 2012. Players who are kicked from beds will continue to receive offline training, however their sleeping regeneration will stop.


  • Speed values are observed efficiency rates compared to normal training.
  • Models are estimated formulas based on statistics. These models are more accurate if the growth rate is low.
Skill Speed Model (mins / skill)
Club/Sword/Axe 50% Knights: 2.015e^{0.09s}
Paladins: \,
Sorcerers/Druids: \,
Shielding 25% (50% of 1 mob attack.) Knights/Paladins: 2.65 e^{0.095s}
Sorcerers/Druids: 0.135 e^{0.4s}
Magic Level

50% (Used mana of regain while normally eating.

The regen rate is as promoted even if you're not.)

Knights: \,
Paladins: \,
Sorcerers/Druids: \,
Distance Fighting 25% (25% blood hits which is the same as 50% miss hits.) Knights: \,
Paladins: e^{0.0937s + 0.12}
Sorcerers/Druids: \,


City Location
Ab'Dendriel Underground, a little north of depot (here)
Ankrahmun Pyramid of the paladin and knight guild; the pyramid next to stores (here)
Carlin Knight guild, by north exit (here)
Darashia Palace, northernmost building of Darashia (here)
Edron North part of the castle, west when entering from the boat (here)
Feyrist To the west of Taegen and underground (here)
Kazordoon Near knight guild, south-west of depot (here)
Krailos Village Near the depot (here)
Liberty Bay Fortress (here)
Port Hope Largest open bamboo construction on the south side of Port Hope; west of Bamboo Garden 3 (here)
Rathleton South west of depot in a building (here)
Svargrond Near the arena (here)
Thais Knight guild (for melee, here), paladin guild (for distance, here) outside sorcerer guild (magic level, here)
Venore Under depot (here)
Yalahar On top of depot (here)

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