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This article contains more in-dept information about Training and some strategies. For basic information, see Training.

Knights (melee)

When starting on Rookgaard, your skills will be 10/10 (attack/defense). It doesn't really matter which attack skill (club, sword or axe) you train on Rookgaard, you can switch when going to the mainland of Tibia. After you choose your profession on the Island of Destiny you can use the basement with Dwarfs to train a little until you have skills around 20/20. These are decent skills to start with on the mainland.

Because while you are training your defense skill advances faster than your attack skill, and when you are hunting your attack skill advances faster, the following tactic can be advised, to keep attack and defense skills advancing at the same pace. Hunt a few levels, train your skills a few levels, hunt a few levels again, train your skills a few levels again and so on.

It is hard to say what skills are good at which level, but a guideline is shown below:

Level Atk Def
10 20 20
15 45 45
20 60 60
30 70 70
40 75 75
50 80 80

Training on Slimes in Tiquanda

Training on Slimes is advised if you are at least level 25 with skills 55/55. Some good equipment is advised as well (Knight Set and a good shield). The big advantage of Slimes is the ability to skill on the clones and go on for a long time.

A good place to go is Tiquanda (close to water = fish, close to city, no strong monsters on your way, most times there is an empty spot to train at, many slimes to pick as training monster). Some good spots are:

Slime, same as every creature in Tibia is gaining skills when hitting. This is a reason why you need to change training monster once every some time. Usually it's once every 1-3 hours, depends on skills, equipment and level. Just kill mother of slime and lure new one.

Make Port Hope your home city. That will save you time when you die by a kick or bad luck. You should have in your backpack: machete, ~100 worms, fishing rod, knife/scythe/crowbar, some mana potions/health potions (just in case) and some food. Wear your best equipment. A very good training spot is located here.

Paladins (distance)