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Tools in Tibia might have or might not have a purpose. The shovel is used to open covered holes, while the broom isn't used for anything.


Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Babel Swimmer Babel Swimmer
5.00 None.
Bait Bait
8.00 None
Blessed Wooden Stake Blessed Wooden Stake
5.00 None
Broom Broom
11.00 Grynch Clan Goblin, Yaga the Crone.
Closed Trap Closed Trap
21.00 Juggernaut, Poacher.
Crowbar Crowbar
Atk: 5, Def: 6
21.00 Behemoth, Destroyer, Stonecracker.
Elvenhair Rope Elvenhair Rope
6.00 Grynch Clan Goblin
Fire Bug Fire Bug
30.50 None.
Fireproof Horn Fireproof Horn
2.00 Chakoya Tribewarden, Chakoya Toolshaper, Chakoya Windcaller.
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod
8.50 Minotaur Guard, Swamp Troll, The Horned Fox, Water Elemental.
Golem Disassembler Golem Disassembler
15.00 None.
Hammer Hammer
11.50 None.
Heavy Machete Heavy Machete
Atk: 16, Def: 10
18.40 Cyclops Smith, Efreet, Fahim the Wise, Marid, Merikh the Slaughterer.
Hoe Hoe
28.00 None.
Hourglass Hourglass
Not pickable.
N/A None.
Inkwell Inkwell
2.00 Elf Arcanist, Warlock.
Juice Squeezer Juice Squeezer
15.00 None.
Light Shovel Light Shovel
15.00 Pirate Cutthroat.
Lock Pick Lock Pick
stackable , opens Sturdy Chests.
0.85 None.
Machete Machete
Atk: 12, Def: 9
16.50 Orc Spearman.
Magical Inkwell Magical Inkwell
2.00 None
Mechanical Fishing Rod Mechanical Fishing Rod
Needed to get Mechanical Fish.
9.20 None.
Mirror Mirror
9.50 Grynch Clan Goblin.
Obsidian Knife Obsidian Knife
1.00 None.
Pick Pick
45.00 Behemoth, Chakoya Toolshaper, Destroyer, Drillworm, Dwarf, Dwarf Miner.
Pitchfork Pitchfork
25.00 Diabolic Imp, Minishabaal, The Imperor.
Rake Rake
15.00 None.
Rope Rope
18.00 Black Knight, Emerald Damselfly, Hero, Island Troll, Marsh Stalker, Salamander, Swampling, Troll, Troll Guard, Young Troll, Apprentice Sheng, Man in the Cave.
Saw Saw
10.00 Dark Torturer.
Scythe Scythe
Atk: 8, Def: 3
30.00 Blightwalker, Grim Reaper.
Shimmer Swimmer Shimmer Swimmer
9.99 None.
Shovel Shovel
35.00 Dwarf Soldier, Minotaur, Apprentice Sheng.
Sickle Sickle
Atk: 5, Def: 4
10.50 Witch.
Skinning Knife Skinning Knife
8.00 None.
Slime Gobbler Slime Gobbler
10.00 None.
Small Axe Small Axe
20.00 Demon (Goblin), Goblin, Goblin Assassin, Goblin Leader, Goblin Scavenger.
Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness
You may use it as rope, shovel, pick, machete, spoon and kitchen knife, but not as a melee weapon to destroy objects.
3.00 None.
Squeezing Gear of Girlpower Squeezing Gear of Girlpower
You may use it as rope, shovel, pick, machete, scythe and sickle, but not as a melee weapon to destroy objects.
3.00 None.
Tinder Box Tinder Box
2.00 Unknown.
Tools (Objects) File:.gif
Trap Trap
21.00 None.
Treasure Map Treasure Map
8.30 None.
Treasure Map (Pirate) Treasure Map (Pirate)
8.30 Pirate Buccaneer, Pirate Cutthroat, Pirate Marauder.
Very Noble-Looking Watch Very Noble-Looking Watch
0.50 Crazed Beggar.
Watch Watch
0.50 Grynch Clan Goblin.
Watering Can Watering Can
8.50 None.
Whacking Driller of Fate Whacking Driller of Fate
You may use it as rope, shovel, pick, machete, crowbar and kitchen knife, but not as a melee weapon to destroy objects. Is the only Secret Service gadget that can be used as a crowbar.
3.00 None.
Witchesbroom Witchesbroom
11.00 None.
Wooden Hammer Wooden Hammer
6.00 Crazed Beggar.
Wooden Stake Wooden Stake
5.00 None.
Wooden Ties Wooden Ties
5.00 None.
Worm Worm
0.05 Azure Frog, Carrion Worm, Cave Rat, Chicken, Coral Frog, Crimson Frog, Crypt Shambler, Drillworm, Elder Mummy, Feverish Citizen, Fleabringer, Ghoul, Ghoulish Hyaena, Gnarlhound, Hyaena, Marsh Stalker, Mummy, Munster, Mutated Human, Orchid Frog, Rottie the Rotworm, Rotworm, Rotworm Queen, Slug, Terror Bird, Tomb Servant, Undead Prospector.

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