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Tokel NPC Tokel
NPC Bubble D

Location: Greenshore, here
Occupation: Farmer
Sound(s): "Are you hungry? I offer bread, cheese, ham and meat. Perfect for a little snack."
Notes: Tokel is a farmer, and proud of it.
Tokel's house
See transcripts to see what this NPC has to say.
Items traded:
Item Price (gp)
Bread 3
Cheese 5
Ham 8
Meat 5
Buys: None.

Transcripts [Edit these transcripts]

Player: hi
Tokel: Hi there, Player.
Player: god
Tokel: I pray to Crunor to bless our harvests.
Player: king
Tokel: I wish I'd be as rich as him.
Player: magic
Tokel: I know nothing but about such stuff.
Player: name
Tokel: My name is Tokel.
Player: spell
Tokel: I know nothing but about such stuff.
Player: tibia
Tokel: I have not seen much of it yet. I am thinking about moving to Edron soon.
Player: Edron
Tokel: They say life is easy there, the soil is rich, the city save. One day I might move there.
Player: Greenshore
Tokel: The soil is a bit dry and there are a lot of stones. It's very hard to work this soil.
Player: weapon
Tokel: I know nothing but about such stuff.
Player: dungeons
Tokel: Here are no dungeons as far as I know.
Player: monsters
Tokel: It's relatively peaceful here.
Player: Thais
Tokel: The city is too lousy and crowded for my taste.
Player: food or offers
Tokel: I can offer you bread, cheese, ham, or meat. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: help
Tokel: Sorry, I have no idea how to help you.
Player: time
Tokel: Oh, now that you mention it: I have much left to do, please excuse me.
he stops the conversation
Player: bye
Tokel: Bye.

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