An aqueous grotto has been discovered situated in the western side of Trapwood, south of Tiquanda. The cave is almost fully enveloped by water, and the water continues to pour in from the surface. The cave has a majority population of Water Elementals who strive in the wet conditions. Occasionally, Quara Mantassin Scouts, who also tend to wander coastlines, will swim out of the water.

There is a Gate of Expertise at the entrance which allows only players of level 50 or higher to pass. Remember to bring your Fishing Rod as the corpses of Water Elementals can be fished for valuables. It is also wise to bring along a Helmet of the Deep, as Water Elementals have a high-hitting Drown Damage-based attack. If you are a sorcerer or druid, wearing a Glacier Set (save for the mask) is also a good idea, as they have an Icicle-resembling distance attack.

Knights will have trouble hunting in this area, because Water Elementals are strong to physical damage. An Energy-enchanted weapon might help, but in general this area is only hunted by mages, and paladins to a lesser extent. Paladins can try running them with royal spears (may take a while to kill them), or equip a bow and use Flash Arrows. Sorcerers and Druids can easily dispatch them with Energy Strike and an appropriate wand or rod.

Water Elemental Cave
Water ElementalWater Elemental650550
Quara Mantassin ScoutQuara Mantassin Scout100220

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