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In Tibia, there are supreme beings called Gods. Three (or four) Gods are the first ones:


The Elements were created from the body of Tibiasula:


When the Gods united themselves with the elements, the semi-gods were created:

Lesser Gods

Some lesser gods have also been created:

Other Creations

  • Banor is a creation of all the Gods of good.

These Gods also created all the life in Tibia, and their last creation was the humans.

The elves believe that seven lords acquired the status of Celestial Paladins and therefore are godlike beings, but some of them prefer to worship the raw elemental powers. These Celestial Paladins are:


Creators of Tibia

Tibia's creators

The Creators of Tibia also used to call themselves Gods. In a recent patch (8.61), this rank was removed. All 'Gods' are now classed as 'CipSoft Members'. The dwarves of Kazordoon seems to worship Durin. The Gods of Tibia reign outside the perception of its inhabitants, but sometimes they will come down to our lands to intervene. The creators of Tibia are:

Guido Lübke

Guido Lubke

Guido Lübke

Guido was born on October 22nd, 1973. He is the product manager of Tibia. He is responsible for the running and the continual development of the game. He has a degree in physics from Regensburg university. His studies were focused on computer technology and on simulation methods.

In his spare time, he exercises on a regular basis and he is an avid dancer.

Stephan Börzsönyi

Stephan Borzsonyi

Stephan Börzsönyi

Stephan was born on October 12nd, 1976. He takes care of the company's finances and organization, and sometimes Stephan also programs the Tibia and TibiaME servers. In 2001, he earned a degree in computer science from Passau University.

Apart from working on

CipSoft, he pursues a degree as Master of Business Administration. In his spare time, he plays soccer, hikes/mountain climbs and goes bike-riding.

Stephan Vogler

Stephan Vogler

Stephan Vogler

Also known as Steve, he was born in January 28th, 1976. He is in charge of the development of a prototype for a new game (apart from Tibia and TibiaME). He also takes care of the management of CipSoft's business contacts and the company's public relations.

In his spare time, he is a skier and loves traveling to far-away countries.

Ulrich Schlott

Ulrich Schlott

Ulrich Schlott

Also known as Durin, he was born in June 25th, 1975. The focus of his work is the product management of TibiaME. He is responsible for running this game and its development. He has a degree in commercial information technology from Regensburg University.

He took interest in computers and computer games since when he was very young. In his spare time, Ulrich is also a snowboarder.

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