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This page provides an overview of projects which were done, worked on this moment or need to be done.

Project Status
TibiaWiki:NPC Trade Project (#1) Finished
TibiaWiki:Item Trade Project (#2) Finished (albeit some double checking)
TibiaWiki:Mapper Project Finished
TibiaWiki:Maintenance Project Pending
TibiaWiki:Standardizing Infobox Templates Implemented
TibiaWiki:Implementation Dates Project Pending
TibiaWiki:Transcript Project Pending
TibiaWiki:Field Project Pending
TibiaWiki:Spell Animation Project Not started yet
TibiaWiki:NPC Sidebar Project Finished
TibiaWiki:Achievement Pages Project Finished
TibiaWiki:House Identification Project Finished
TibiaWiki:Page Overview Tables Finished
TibiaWiki:NPC Bubble Project Obsolete now
TibiaWiki:Building Standardization Pending
TibiaWiki:Projects/2015 Layout Revamp Finished
TibiaWiki:Image Animations Pending
TibiaWiki:Projects/NPC Location Finished
TibiaWiki:Portable Infoboxes Finished

See also: TibiaWiki:Requested articles

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