TibiaVenezuela is currently the only Tibia fansite which is dedicated to Venezuela. It was founded in 2007 by Umberto and Cruz, though Cruz eventually left the project due to real life issues. Etien on Secura replaced Cruz and became the fansite's Contact Person, almost like a bridge between TibiaVenezuela and the Tibia community/CipSoft. The fansite offers many things such as interviews, an active forum, a featured picture, up-to-date news, a highscores list and much more. TibiaVenezuela made an alliance with TibiaMx and TibiaBR to exchange the interviews in different languages (Spanish and Portuguese).

  • was a promoted fansite from April 29, 2009 until July 18, 2017.
Tibia VE

At the moment, the staff list is as follows:

  • Etien on Secura (Administrator and Contact Person)
  • Umberto (Administrator)
  • Rohade on Hiberna (Administrator)
  • Malva (Administrator)
  • Maka (Administrator)
  • Mitos (Editor)
  • Lyron (Editor)
  • Neko (Global Moderator)
  • Valiantz (Moderator)
  • Saiyans (Moderator)
  • Chaos(Moderator)
  • Aquan Cedamax (Translator)
  • Pavone (Translator)
  • Nachofranco (Journalist)
  • Isabeu (Quester Master)
  • Freddi (Quester)
  • Edi Zu (Moderator)
  • Salama (Moderator)
  • Factor (Moderator)

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