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Promoted Tibia Fansites
Language Portuguese
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TibiaBR is a brazilian promoted supported fansite, it has been created by Giovanni "Lokirj" Menezes in 2003 to help players from a LAN house to get started with Tibia, however the website started to grow too fast in a short time span, forcing Lokirj to start spending money on it. Nowadays TibiaBR counts with a staff of around thirty people to look over the official TibiaBR and work constantly in improvements of the biggest brazilian fansite of Tibia.

TibiaBR uses sophisticated hosting servers to handle the overwhelming number of daily visits. They are the most visited Tibian fansite (as of 2010).

With the introduction of the new fansite programme, TibiaBR became a promoted fansite, on November 11, 2008.

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