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Tibia is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by the German company CipSoft GmbH that can be downloaded here. This whole Wiki is devoted to Tibia.

See Tibia (computer game) at Wikipedia.

Tibia is also the name of a fictional continent within the game world (often referred to as "Mainland" or simply "Main") containing five of the twelve major towns. When the goddess, Tibiasula, died her body was divided into the four elements including the earth: Tibia.

See Tibia (Continent).

Tibia is also a bone in the human body, located in the lower leg.

See Tibia (bone) at Wikipedia.

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Portal Tibia Epaminondas Doll Portuguese
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FunTibia Dread Doll English, Polish and Portuguese
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Tibia ML Pigeon Trophy English

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Asteran News Blog File:.gif English Abacus English
Exhiti Imortus English
FotoTibia Scroll of the Stolen Moment Portuguese and English
Homepage of Pskonejott File:.gif English File:.gif Polish
MyTibia File:.gif English File:.gif English and Polish? Noble Sword Polish, English
The Cobalt Tower File:.gif English
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Tibia-Wiki Bag of Oriental Spices Polish File:.gif Polish
TibiaBariloche Doll of Durin the Almighty Spanish and English
TibiaChile File:.gif Chilean Phoenix Statue English, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, German
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TibiaHumor File:.gif English
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TibiaQuotes File:.gif English and Polish
TibiaSpace Music Box (TibiaSpace) Multilingual
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TibiaStats File:.gif English
TibiaTR Frozen Heart Turkish & English
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Tibiabazar File:.gif English File:.gif English
Tibiacast File:.gif English
Tibiacity Tibiacity Encyclopedia English
Tibiaent File:.gif English
Tibiafriends Friendship Amulet English File:.gif English
Tibiascoop File:.gif English File:.gif Swedish
World of Tibia File:.gif German and English
World of Tibia.RU File:.gif Russian

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