The Ultimate Booze Quest

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8.1 (December 11, 2007)
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Scroll The Ultimate Booze Quest
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Also known as: Boozer Quest
Reward: Light Shovel, 10 Platinum Coins
Location: Venore, Kazordoon
Level required: 0
Level recommended: 10
Be prepared to face: Spiders, Wolves, Bats, Rats and Dwarves
Legend: The recipe to make the legendary dwarven beer is a well kept secret.
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Go to Boozer in Venore, above the depot, and ask him for a mission. He will tell you to go to Kazordoon Brewery and fill a Bottle with a special beer.

Go to Kazordoon. After you pass the part with the lava to enter the city, while you are in the part that has some Rats, go left instead of north, and follow the way up to the mountains.
The Ultimate Booze Quest
On the last floor, on the right-bottom corner, there will be a Cask of Brown Ale. Fill the bottle with it and bring it back to Boozer to get your reward.


Player: hi
Boozer: Welcome to the Hard Rock Racing Track, Player.
Player: mission
Boozer: Shush!! I don't want everybody to know what I am up to. Listen, things are not going too well, I need a new attraction. Do you want to help me?
Player: yes
Boozer: Good! Listen closely. Take this bottle and go to Kazordoon. I need a sample of their very special brown ale. You may find a cask in their brewery. Come back as soon as you got it.
Player: bye
Boozer: You'll be back.

Player: hi
Boozer: Welcome to the Hard Rock Racing Track, Player.
Player: mission
Boozer: Yessss! Now I only need to build my own small brewery, figure out the secret recipe, duplicate the dwarvish brew and BANG I'll be back in business! Here take this as a reward.

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