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This is partially a Premium account World Quest and has History
8.5 (July 1, 2009)
See Also: World Quests.
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The Lightbearer
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Also known as: Lightbearer Event
Time: November 11th - November 15th
Reward: Various depending on torches lit - 2 Achievements + World Quest achievement I Did My Part, 10% more experience in shared experience party mode, 20 Midnight Shards, a Brocade Backpack containing a Death Ring, Ring of Healing, 50 Christmas Tokens, 2 Gold Ingots, a Giant Shimmering Pearl, 30 Small Topazes, a Stealth Ring and a Time Ring and Silver Fafnar Trophy or Golden Fafnar Trophy. Moreover, also a Moon Backpack (one time only or a Document), a Crown Backpack containing 2 Rings of Healing, 50 Demonic Essences, 4 Gold Ingots, a Might Ring, a Violet Gem and 40 Small Diamonds, 10 Midnight Shards and the Blazebringer mount.
Location: Various - starts in Yalahar.
Level required: None (20+ recommended)
Be prepared to face: Banes of Light, Midnight Warriors, Midnight Spawns, Brides of Night, Shadow Hounds, Heralds of Gloom, Acolytes of Darkness, Nightslayers, Doomsday Cultists, Duskbringers, Essences of Darkness and many more.
Legend: In that special time of the year when the veil between the worlds is thin and darkness is striving to break through, Lucius calls for Lightbearers to keep sacred light basins burning for four days. Don't let even one go out or all hope is lost.

The Lightbearer event is an event occurring in November in which participants must keep basins lit. It was first introduced in 2009 (Link to Official News) but already tested in the tester server preceding the summer update of 2009 and again in the test server preceding the autumn patch of 2009.

The event consists of keeping 10 different Lightbringer's Basins burning for 96 hours.
Each player can use each of them only once within 5 days. The torch is used to keep the Lightbringer's Basins burning and vanishes at the end of November.

When you use the torch on a basin, the time of the basin will reset, for example if it was 98/120 minutes, and you use it, you will reset it to 120/120 minutes, that way you can do all the basins and still keep them lit. Also you don't have to kill the respaws to make it count as if you lit the basin. This means everybody get to use the basins if they can, and if they do it, they won't affect the schedulers of the other organized players, but still you should colaborate with your fellow world partners.

After using your Magical Torch on the basins you have a chance to get 5 minutes of respawn. Creatures that respawn depends on what basin you are and they can come in packs from 1 to 5. The respawns increase in difficulty up to the 3rd or 4th respawn, and then decrease again. For the Plains of Havoc and Magician Quarter locations the spawned monsters are particularly difficult, and even high level players may want a 2nd player there to assist with killing them.

The event requires a lot of teamwork and organization, especially on servers with few people.

Getting magical torch

To get the Magical Torch you will use to lit the basins you need to talk to Lucius, he is located on the Magician Quarter in Yalahar, around here. After saying hi and yes, he will teleport you to another area, go upstairs and you will find Lucius again, say hi to him and ask him for a mission, say yes to get your Magical Torch.

Basins locations

There are 10 Lightbringer's Basins:

Formogar Glacier

Lightbearer Formorgar Basin 1
Lightbearer Formorgar Basin 2

Go north from depot/carpet and use levitate on the blue spots.

Basin creature: Bane of Light.

Creatures on the way: Crystal Spider, Ice Golem, Wyvern, weaker creatures.

Plains of Havoc

The basin is located in a peninsula south of the Knightwatch Tower.

Basin creature: Midnight Warrior

Creatures on the way: Wyvern, Giant Spider, Elf Scout. Possible Cyclops, Hunter, Orc Berserker, Orc Leader, weaker creatures.

Forbidden Lands

The basin is located a few steps north of the Behemoth cave.

Basin creature: Midnight Spawn

Creatures on the way: Behemoth, Massive Earth Elemental, Carniphila, Stone Golem, weaker creatures.


Don't forget your Key 3802 to enter Dwacatra.

Basin creature: Bride of Night

Creatures on the way: Orc Berserker, Dwarf Guard, Minotaur Mage and weaker creatures.


Basin creature: Shadow Hound

Creatures on the way: Bonebeast, Demon Skeleton, possible lured Giant Spider or Water Elemental, weaker creatures.

Edron Hero Cave

The basin is located above a single Demon respawn which is only reachable by levitating down or using the teleporter.


Basin creature: Herald of Gloom

Creatures on the way: Hero, Dragon, Priestess, Hunter, Monk, Dark Magician, Demon Skeleton and weaker creatures.


The basin is near the level 60 Gate of Expertise leading to Medusa Shield Quest and Drefia Wyrm Lair.

Basin creature: Acolyte of Darkness

Creatures on the way: Skeletons, Demon Skeletons, Scorpions, Stalkers, Mummies, Ghosts, Necromancers, Shadow Pupils, Ghouls and more. Possibly lured Blood Hands, Blood Priests and Gravediggers.


See Route:Hellgate for information on how to get there.

Basin creature: Nightslayer

Creatures on the way: Bonelord, Elder Bonelord, Demon Skeleton, weaker creatures.

Tarpit Tomb

The basin is located at the first hunting floor, northwest of entrance.

Basin creature: Doomsday Cultist

Creatures on the way: Ghouls, Skeletons and possible Honour Guards.

Magician Quarter

Magician quarter basin

Basin creature: Duskbringer

Creatures on the way: Plaguesmith, Hellspawn, Necromancer, Gozzler.

Notes: The hardest basin to guard due to the location and basin creature strength. Luring and overspawning is serious problem at this basin. It's a good idea to go down the alternative entrance (east ramp) first to check if there are basin creatures near the other ramp, and if there are lots, kill your way through the cave since when grouped the Duskbringers deal a lot of damage.


Failing leads to raids of Essences of Darkness in every city.
Winning leads to raids of Spirits of Light in every city, and the possibility to get rewards.

Bad Side

If the event is failed, the following creatures can be fought on the bad side of the Temple of Light:

Bad Side Creatures

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot
Eclipse Knight Eclipse Knight ? ? --/-- Midnight Shard
Gloombringer Gloombringer ? ? --/-- 0-56 gp.
Harbinger of Darkness Harbinger of Darkness ? ? --/-- Unknown.
Spawn of Despair Spawn of Despair ? ? --/-- Unknown.

They deal a lot of damage, have a lot of hitpoints, and are not intended to be killed (although it is technically possible to kill them).

Good Side

There are no more Good Side Creatures since 2010.


The reward room can be found here, and you need to buy a Wagon Ticket to access.

All players in the Game World:

  • +10% Shared Experience for all players until November 30.

Players who lit at least 1 basin:

Players who lit all 10 basins:

Note: even if your world fails, you will keep the achieved achievements.


The Lightbearer event of 2009 was somewhat different. For older information check the history page.

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