The Howling Grotto
The Howling Grotto of Nargor used to be a hideout for criminals in the early days when colonisation just started on the isles. Those criminals were probably the first pirates although is unlikely that they had more than a few fishing boats at their disposal. They built some rooms in the caverns but supposedly they found evidence of prior attempts to use the grotto in some way and some of the caverns seemed to be not natural. For some reasons they were attracted to the lower caves where the howling of the wind was that fierce that people said it could drive a man crazy. Be that as it may, those first pirates were known for their bloodthirst, their frequent infightings and for torturing their prisoners. It is assumed that they all killed themselves in their madness. The grotto is rumoured to be haunted by the ghosts of these pirates and those of their victims - but those are is only unconfirmed speculations. Nowadays, nobody knows the treacherous passages through the dangerous reefs to reach the isle of Nargor.


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