The Fall of the Astral Shapers by Teruvax Tristem - Part 3

Slavery did the Shapers no good. It is said that some of them just withered away and died within a few months. Also, the birth rate dropped dramatically. Two generations later the race of the Shapers was no more - or so it seemed. Some of them had managed to flee to remote areas filled with magic. The strong fluxes of magic there allowed them to erect secret forges to harness their power without being seen by the other greedy races.
For the hidden Shapers these secret bases became a beacon of hope. While the rest of their civilisation perished, some elite survived in hiding. However, since their network was utterly destroyed, most of their vast knowledge was lost forever.
Even worse, the Astral Shapers had been so accustomed to access the network that they found themselves unable to handle the knowledge of their ancestors. Access to recourses necessary to operate their complicated artefacts had been lost as well. Often lacking important skills needed for day-to-day survival, the whole race seemed doomed. Many hideouts became death traps that turned into tombs for those who had hoped to find salvation there. Only a very small number of these colonies managed to survive for a significant amount of time. The harsh environment of the hideouts took a heavy toll on the survivors and slowly moulded them into new beings who only remotely resembled the noble figures of their ancestors.
The Shapers have been forgotten for a long time and their accomplishments seemed to be lost. Recently, however, the great archaeologist Darama Smith uncovered some ancient tomes which led him on many adventures. On his expeditions he rediscovered two of the underground complexes which had been thought to be lost forever. Astonishingly, one of them was still populated with the degenerated descendants of the Shapers. Unfortunately, both facilities were destroyed in fights between the adventurous archaeologist and the minions of the evil mastermind Professor Maxxen. Some knowledge, however, could be salvaged and some insights into the history of the Shapers could be gained and shared.


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