The Demon Oak

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This Object is in the Trees class.
8.2 (July 2, 2008)
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The Demon Oak The Demon Oak
Attributes: Not movable.
Walking Time: Cross
Location: Plains of Havoc, here.
Notes: This kind of living tree is locked up in a strange place.
Makes sounds like: "Release me and you will be rewarded greatefully!"; "What is this? Demon Legs lying here? Someone might have lost them."; "I'm trapped, come here and free me fast!!"; "I can bring your beloved back from the dead, just release me!"; "What a nice shiny golden armor. Come to me and you can have it!"; "Find a way in here and release me! Pleeeease hurry!"; "You can have my demon set, if you help me get out of here!".

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Related to a quest: The Demon Oak Quest.
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With the release of Updates/10.7 CipSoft posted an image on, which looks like an updated sprite of the Demon Oak, but it is not in the sprite files:

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