Player: hi
The Crone: Be greeted, Player... {mortal}.
Player: job or mortal
The Crone: Once I was Vashresamun's favourite handmaid. But I have fallen from {grace} and now I'm exiled from her tomb.
Player: grace
The Crone: Don't ask about it, mortal. Memories bring too much grief.
Player: Vashresamun
The Crone: I mourn the dark day I was exiled from her {tomb}.
Player: tomb
The Crone: Her tomb is sealed and can only be entered with a certain {melody}.
Player: melody
The Crone: Vashresamun erased the memory of the tune from my mind, I only remember its name: The Secret of the Rose Garden.
Player: name
The Crone: I don't remember my name, neither my days as a mortal.
Player: bye
The Crone: Good bye.

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